Kaveri Powertronics Private Limited incorporated in 1993 with a vision to devote Human Resources and Technology to create superior power backup solutions. The company has come a long way since then.

Our Business is driven by understanding customer requirements to deliver outstanding products and services.

we constantly strive to improve and achieve perfection in everything we do. Guided by these values our highly motivated and innovative team of dedicated R & D experts work hard to incorporate the latest techineques in the power inversion and conversion methods.

To protect its competetive edge Kaveri Powertronics has designed products incorporating the latest technologies prevalent in the world.

With the introduction of multiple pulse adaptive Pulse width Modulation MOSFET based High Switching Frequency Online UPS we reached our first milestone in 1993 and with the introduction of Double DSP Controlled Systems in 2004 we have created history as the first company in India to introduce the Truly Digital Online UPS System.

Today we are leading the Industry with fully Digital Online UPS system based on Digital Signal Processor Controlled High Switching Frequency IGBT Drive Technology in Double Update Sine Modulated PWM with Micro Controller Interfaced LCD Panel and Serial Communication with Computer.

CUSTOMERS OUR MOST CHERISHED ASSETS have bestowed their confidence in us and encouraged us to innovate constantly. We have retained majority of our customers in the last 11 years at the same time continuously added new ones. Today we are proud to have most of the Blue Chip companies operating from India in our List of Satisfied Clients.


We maintain a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and technical team to service our ever-growing customer base. The respective teams with independent branch heads manage the Production Line. The Production and Testing of Transformers, PCB Assembly, fitting, wiring and final testing of the UPS system is carried out carefully as envisaged in the production guidelines codified by the joint teams and branch heads in consultation with R&D.

Finally the Quality Control team carries out the pre_shipment inspections. In house Production of all the Transformers specific to the UPS system reflects our commitment to Quality.

We have a dedicated well-trained Service Team to attend to Customers' reported Problems. Regular Training Programs are organized to keep the team updated with new technology.

Our Dynamic Marketing Team Interacts with the Customer to understand their requirements and provide Solutions Specific to their needs.

We believe Proper Communication and Coordination between Customer, Marketing, Servicing, Production, Quality Control and R&D is the lifeline of any successful enterprise. Regular interactive programs are organized and Customers' feedback taken for planning and corrective action.

Quality Policy

Together we strive to achieve Perfection in all the processes resulting in the Outflow of Qualitative Reliability in all our Products Ensuring Protection Safety & Maximum Uptime to all our valued customers

Mission Statement

  • To constantly innovate and lead technologically by continuous improvements in products
  • Install and Improve systems and procedures that promote higher quality.